The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 21


From NOW™ – May 1990

Three Fabulous Stories!

Story: John Carnell (first story), Phil Elliott (second story), Andrew Brenner (third story)

Pencils: Andy Lanning (first story), Phil Elliott (second story), Anthony Williams (third story)

Inks: Stephen Baskerville (first story), Phil Elliott (second story), Cam Smith (third story)

Colors: Louise Cassell (first story), Dondie Cox (second & third story)

Letters: Hel (first & third story) Phil Elliott (second story)

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Uncredited

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy


  1. Info: Because of the artistic situation around the time of Issue 20 (that concluded with Issue 22) this issue featured reprints from Marvel’s UK The Real Ghostbusters.
  2. Issue 21’s cover is the same as Marvel UK’s The Real Ghostbusters #50. Ecto-X is also a story in it.
  3. The cover is either a tribute or parody to Robocop’s poster.


“The Ghostbusters are busy as hell and can’t take the pace much longer. Egon, instead of enlisting more help, builds more help in the form of Ecto-X; a mechanical Ghostbuster that can track, blast and trap a spook. Soon, however, Ecto-X’s outstanding performance soon casts the Ghostbusters out of the limelight. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, it eventually turns on them!”

  1. Goof: Pg. 4: Ecto-X’s bill added up to $625.50. The total amount listed was only $125.50. An error with the original math or was a conversion done from pounds to dollars.

Reference: Pgs 7,8: Rotten Fruit Computers is either a tribute or parody of Apple Computers.

  1. Goof: Pg. 7: “It’s Egon! He took Ecto-X to a computergeist bust in Silicon Valley this morning…”

Silicon Valley is in California, of course Ghostbusters pretty much work in New York.

  1. Goof: Pg. 8: “It took possession of Robo-Buster’s memory circuits…” – Egon

Robo-Buster is a 4th season episode of The Real Ghostbusters. The character of Robo-Buster is a ghostbusting robot (equipment info stolen from the Ghostbusters’ files) built by Grossjuck Industries.

The Spooked Suit!

“The Ghostbusters get a call to deal with a ghost turning a man’s suits plaid every time he puts them on. Egon takes the suit for analysis, but realizes the spook may be more challenging than he thought.”

  1. Info: The Spooked Suit! is a story in Marvel’s UK The Real Ghostbusters #15.


  1. Goof: Pg. 1: Egon and Winston’s “no ghost” logo patches are on the opposite arm.
  2. Goof: Pgs 2,3: Egon’s uniform isn’t colored in 100%.

Neanderthal Nightmare!

“The Ghostbusters respond to a call that a caveman is loose in a local store. They investigate, but arrive too late.  Or, so they thought as they emerge to find Ecto-1 smashed up outside. More reports of cavemen pour in around the city, leaving the Ghostbusters with some big problems.”

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 21. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


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