The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 17


From NOW™ – January 1990

Samhain Chanted Evening

Story: James Van Hise

Title Suggestion: Alex Newborn

Pencils: Phillip Hester

Inks: Rich Rankin

Colors: Now Comics Staff

Letters: Joseph Allen

Art Director: Michele Mach

Editor: Katherine Llewellyn

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Phillip Hester

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy

“Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, finds a way to break out of the containment unit and begin his reign of Halloween terror on the world once again. But, this time, the Ghostbusters are nowhere nearby to oppose him as they return home from their adventure at the Earth’s core. Confronted by goblins in the air and hit with the realization that next week is Halloween, the Ghostbusters put the pedal to the medal to get home quickly. When they arrive, however, they’re in for a surprise to find the city mutated with an army of the undead, and their friends in the clutches of Samhain!”

  1. Goof: (Cover) Winston’s “no ghost” logo has a missing ghost.
  2. Goof: (Pin Up Poster) Cover art work is reversed. Winston’s “no ghost” logo is now on the opposite arm and backwards.

King of Halloween

  1. Samhain first appeared in The Real Ghostbusters first season, episode 8. It’s titled “When Halloween Was Forever.”

The 5th Ghostbuster

  1. Issue 17 is the only time Louis is in the regular comic series.

The Good Ship Enterprise

  1. Pg. 4 “Aye, aye, Mr. Spock!”

For those that don’t know Mr. Spock is a character from Star Trek played by Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Spock is the half human, half Vulcan science officer (and second in command) from the original USS Enterprise, captained by James T. Kirk.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 17. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


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