The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 16


From NOW™ – December 1989

The Land Unknown (Pt. 2 of a 2 part story)

Story: James Van Hise

Pencils: Jim Wisniewski

Inks: Rich Rankin

Colors: Staff

Letters: Dan Nakrosis

Art Director: Michele Mach

Editor: Katherine Llewellyn

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo

Cover: Jim Wisniewski

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy

“The Ghostbusters travel through the arctic hole into Spike’s realm where they hope to face off against and defeat Nurtog. Unfortunately along the way, their disguised zeppelin is compromised and Nurtog snatches Spike from their protection. The Ghostbusters must now journey into the lair of the demon and defeat him for the life of Spike and the safety of his kingdom!”

  1. Reference: (Page 3)

Egon: “…It’ll give you more time to spend with Louis…”

Janine: “Egon!  Can’t you see?  Louis is sweet, but he’s harmless! He just happened to be there while you were too wrapped up in saving the world to pay any attention to anything else!”

Egon brings up a scene in Ghostbusters II when Janine had an “interest” in Louis.

  1. Reference: (Page 16)

Unknown: “Cause we be fast and he be slow!”

Most of that dialogue was quoted by the Ghostbusters after they trapped the Scoleri brothers in Ghostbusters II. It’s worth noting that Ghostbusters II had been re-released (pretty sure officially) in November 1989 and NOW’s Ghostbusters II adaptation was created earlier in the year and sold in three parts during October, November, and December 1989.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 16. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


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