Funko Ghostbusters MyMojis


At New York Toy Fair from this past February Funko introduced Ghostbusters MyMojis. (GBI Blog Post, February 14, 2016) That was my introduction to either MyMojis or Funko’s version of it.

What exactly is an MyMoji?

From Funko’s MyMoji page:

MyMojis combine beloved characters with the utility of emojis and the fun of collecting!

Each blind-bag vinyl figure depicts a different emotion through the faces of characters from an assortment of popular titles.

They retail for $3.99, there are 24 blind bags per display, and each figure comes with a code to download a free digital MyMoji for your phone!

Now that we received that knowledge Funko gave us a bigger and complete look at their Ghostbusters MyMojis.

I’m not sure if I really want to collect blind bag emoticon like vinyl figures. I’ll probably give it a try at some point. Surprisingly before this product their weren’t any Ghostbusters emojis. I guess AT&DirecTV didn’t want to make even more money. Because all ghostheads had, still have are a ghost and a “no” symbol.

What do you think of MyMojis? Will you be buying them? Whether its Ghostbusters, TMNT, or another “popular title?”



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