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Ghostbusters Vinyl Figures Coming From Weta Workshop

  I have to be honest, the standard that has been around with Vinyl figures peaked for me sometime ago. To the point I had thought their was really only one way to make them. Then Vinyl Sugar, a Funko brand came along with Ghostbusters Vinyl… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Vinyl Figures Coming From Weta Workshop”

Ghostbusters Daruma Club Stay Puft Figure

When there’s something immediately happening in Japan with Ghostbusters, all I need to do is see a tweet/or re-tweet from Ghostbusters Japan. (Twitter) This is where I recently learned a new Ghostbusters collectible is coming out and it seems so Japanese. I say that with… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Daruma Club Stay Puft Figure”

Funko Ghostbusters MyMojis

At New York Toy Fair from this past February Funko introduced Ghostbusters MyMojis. (GBI Blog Post, February 14, 2016) That was my introduction to either MyMojis or Funko’s version of it. What exactly is an MyMoji? From Funko’s MyMoji page: MyMojis combine beloved characters with the utility… Continue Reading “Funko Ghostbusters MyMojis”

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