Lego Dimensions Celebrates Easter…Eggs


Our associates at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are celebrating Easter…eggs in LEGO’s Lego Dimensions. (US)

Easter Eggs are fun for all ages, as proven by the treasure trove of hidden content found in movies, TV and especially videogames. Because LEGO Dimensions brings together so many different entertainment brands, the game is filled with interesting crossover content that will make you feel nostalgic while simultaneously hitting your funny bone.

These in-game Easter Eggs bring together some unexpected couplings, like the Ghostbusters having a friendly run in with Titanic figures on a sunken ship:


Other in-game secrets include Wonder Woman’s run in with the ghoulish Librarian from the Ghostbusters film, the Doctor standing in front of a wall tagged “Bad Wolf,” and a Vigo mural from Ghostbusters that sends players on fun side quests.



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