Lego Dimension Adds Three New Fun Packs


Our associates at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent over information and a press release for three new fun packs featuring Slimer, DC Comics Bane, and Lloyd from Ninjago.

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Lego Dimensions Celebrates Easter…Eggs


Our associates at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are celebrating Easter…eggs in LEGO’s Lego Dimensions. (US)

Easter Eggs are fun for all ages, as proven by the treasure trove of hidden content found in movies, TV and especially videogames. Because LEGO Dimensions brings together so many different entertainment brands, the game is filled with interesting crossover content that will make you feel nostalgic while simultaneously hitting your funny bone.

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Lego Dimensions Wave 4 Includes Ghostbusters Content


Our associates at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent over information and a press release for the Midway Arcade Level Pack along with DC Comics Superman and Aquaman Fun Packs. Naturally additional fun with the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Fun Pack.

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Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Character Spotlight


Lego Dimensions (US) has a section on their YouTube page known as Character Spotlights. I saw today that Lego Dimensions had a character spotlight (uploaded yesterday) on one Dr. Peter Venkman. Of course it has to be Pete Venkman. 😉 If more Ghostbusters character spotlights are made, I can also post about them.


Lego Dimensions The Doctors Collide


One of our contacts behind the marketing of Lego Dimensions (US) sent additional information, (during last weeks snow clean up) and a trailer for when a few LEGO doctors meet up at the same time. Yeah, I know.

For the first time in any LEGO videogame, characters and vehicles from some of the biggest entertainment brands in the universe converge in LEGO® Dimensions™.  In a new short trailer illustrating the game’s crazy, possible mash-ups, Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters™, Doc Brown from Back to the Future™, and The Doctor from the long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, unexpectedly come together.

Fans can play through individual levels based on these popular properties in the game’s main story. Players can also explore one distinct, freeplay Adventure World for each of these entertainment properties with any LEGO Dimensions minifigure belonging to that brand.  Each Adventure World provides players access to additional gameplay content and exploration throughout some of the most iconic locations from each brand’s universe.


Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack


Lego Dimensions (US) Ghostbusters level pack is available now. If being a Ghostbusters Lego game of sorts isn’t enough reason to want to add this your LEGO Dimensions game, the great people behind the games were nice enough to send me an email. Continue reading

Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Firehouse


Towards the end of August Lego Dimensions gave ghostheads, LEGO fans, and gamers (good combo) a first look at the Lego Dimensions (Ecto-Containment blog post) Ghostbusters Firehouse.

Above naturally is the street corner where Ghostbusters HQ is. Maybe the Lego Dimensions ECU was shut down as the lights aren’t really on and LEGO ghosts are escaping out of the building! Continue reading

Lego Dimensions And Lego Dimensions Ghostbusters Packs


Whether you’re a ghosthead or not, you’re probably aware by now that a LEGO video game is coming out with licensed characters from Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony Pictures, and additional studios. Lego Dimensions was announced back in April 2015. Two days before my birthday for the excuse.

While I wasn’t disinterested in a multi-character arc Lego game, it wasn’t exactly peaking my interest. Also, ghostheads didn’t know whether Ghostbusters would be apart of it. Ghostbusters Legos were like the little brother of Lego video game DC super heroes and Lego video game lords. Coincidentally Lego video game Marty and Doc could be considered the middle child. Their’s also another doctor in the game. Whomever that may be. 😀

With an announcement months later Ghostbusters will be just as much a part of Lego Dimensions as the rest of someone’s favorite characters “everything is awesome.” Continue reading