Tobin’s Spirit Guide (Abridged) To Be Published From Insight Editions


West End Games, Inc. published Tobin’s Spirit Guide (for use with Ghostbusters™ A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game) during Ghostbusters’ infancy.

During the internet age ghostheads have been making fan made versions which can encompass more then the films and the original RPG books. What can be included is unnaturally personal preference. Like this one (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 26, 2015) from Italian ghosthead Joe Nonostante. His version of Tobin’s clocks in at 496 pages!

With the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game during Ghostbusters 25th anniversary Prima Games published a thorough game book which contains a Tobin’s Spirit Guide section.

While people with notable connections have tried to get a license to create such an official labor of love, it wasn’t in Spate’s Catalog. Or so it seemed.

Perhaps something involving a 21st Century Tobin’s Spirit Guide was quitely in the works. Before that Zenner card could be pulled, Ghostbusters™ The Ultimate Visual History had to come together first.

As ghostheads and book collectors alike will be getting an ultimate visual history of Ghostbusters this Fall, 5 years later (time piece wise, 5 years, 1 month, 4 days later) Erik Burnham (Twitter) tweeted:

Tobin’s Spirit Guide. (Abridged.) By John Tobin, Drs. Stantz & Spengler, myself and Kyle Hotz. Next year from Insight Editions. (:

Release date in 2016, pricing, and additional information as it becomes available and I have time to talk about it.

Photo Source: IDW Publishing


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