IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing To Resume


On June 18, 2014 (GB Inc. Blog Post) I wrote about IDW would discontinue publishing monthly Ghostbusters comics. While ghostheads wouldn’t have another years worth of Ghostbusters comics their would be mini-series. That’s cool, definitely better then no new Ghostbusters comics.

Not even a month later IDW Publishing announced (GB Inc. Blog Post, July 15, 2014) the first series, a Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cross over. When our childhoods collide. So turtles mutated from ooze met up with guys who deal with slime. With the conclusion in Issue #4 (GB Inc. Blog Post, October 26, 2014) what would be next adventure for our Ghostbusters?

The Ghostbusters decided to Get Real (IDW Publishing) this summer when they meet up with their animated counterparts. If comic Ghostbusters can work with former animated comic Real Ghostbusters and after all they’ve been through, the IDW Ghostbusters are here to say!

From the world of San Diego Comic Con, Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening informed ghostheads monthly issues would return as part of Volume 3 in 2016. I’m sure many a fan wondered if it would involve a new movie team. Educated guess, original team, original Ghostbusters. Erik (Twitter) responded to the question with a short, not pointless tweet.

The answer is yes.

Photo Source: IDW Publishing


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