IDW To Publish Ghostbusters Annual 2015

When I think Ghostbusters annuals, I tend to think about the two The Real Ghostbusters annuals (Ghostbusters Firehouse) and don’t usually think of newer Ghostbusters specials. While I’m a guardian of The Real Ghostbusters comics, (Ghostbusters Firehouse) I’m not always as connected to IDW Ghostbusters comics. Or most comics for that matter. :/

Erik Burnham, after being asked posted that a 2015 Ghostbusters annual should go on sale this coming November. After a different follow up question about the story, Erik replied:

The main feature (art by Dan & Luis) will primarily feature the original four and an appearance by our version of the sandman (he won’t be a cloaked figure putting people to sleep!)

But there will also be several backups – mostly one pagers – with art by a variety of other artists. Expect these to focus on other characters. Just wrote one with Janine, as a matter of fact, and Louis is on the docket as well.

If you’re interested let’s continue checking out what’s known about this annual. Trust me, this is more fun for you to read. 😀

On July 22, 2015 Erik gave us a preview via Dan of what Sandman could look like.


On August 4, 2015 Erik Evensen (Twitter) posted:

A preview of some work I’m doing for the   annual!


Erik Burnham (Twitter) posted some context:

So is drawing the “World of the Psychic” story I wrote back in ’11. Happy to get this one out there.

On August 11, 2015 Erik Burnham tweeted:

Anyways, the second Ghostbusters Annual guest artist revealed: . Go buy his October Girl series right now, BTW. It’s keen.

Finally, to be more current (only three days “late”) Erik Burnham tweeted on August 13, 2015:

Also put a sizable dent into the Ghostbusters annual script today. (I scrapped and restarted. I had to. Better idea occurred!)

Depending on what’s written, tweeted, posted, or thrown into a data stream Ecto-Containment may continue to update ghostheads on the Ghostbusters 2015 annual.



8 thoughts on “IDW To Publish Ghostbusters Annual 2015

  1. That would be nice. If you remember it seemed we were suppose to have a RGBs figure line from Matty Collector. Whatever the reason, (probably for the better from them) it isn’t happening.

    Next year is the 30th anniversary of The Real Ghostbusters. Maybe a current or new licensee we don’t know about yet can bring us more quality RGBs figures at the least. Vehicles and play sets is up there with a tree that can grow money. 😀

    I had said on the GB Fans message board maybe Funko could do it under their ReAction line. I know not everyone is a fan since they’re suppose to emulate in a way Kenner figures from the time.

    If not them, more quality figures could come from Diamond Select Toys. It’ll be a while before they would get to The Real Ghostbusters as the general plan is to release Ghostbusters Selects for the next couple of years.

    What might work for RGBs (I’m sure I wrote this at some point) are Lego sets. We sorta already got ECTO-1. After the main mini figures other sets could be places in the RGB firehouse so LEGO wouldn’t have to just have one expensive firehouse set. Those sets could include more and different mini figs. Probably a better opportunity for more ghost figures as well.

    Hopefully we’ll continue to get some kind of new RGBs merchandise. If it doesn’t happen by September 2016, I would think the chances of us getting new RGBs merchandise become “slim to none.” If it ever happens after that I’ll be surprised.

    Anyone know any rich billionaires who are also ghostheads? 🙂


  2. Wonder if any planned merchandise for RGB will get bumped out of the way for new movie merchandise. I had forgotten about the RGB figures actually. If they ever see the light of day i’d be mightily happy.

    I’d love to complete ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ DVD collection though. They stopped releasing sets after the 3rd volume 😦 I hope with the 30th Anniversary they might feel it a good time to make the rest of those sets available.


    • You might still be able to get The Real Ghostbusters sets from Amazon. I don’t know if they’re available internationally. You might pay more if you could order from I agree, maybe their will be a re-release for The Real Ghostbusters 30th anniversary.

      As much as I’d like to think their is RGB merchandise planned I have a feeling what Matty Collector was going to offer was it. :/ Their’s still time Sony/Columbia. 😀

      If I’m wrong and new RGB merchandise is coming, it’ll be a happy surprise.

      Something about new Ghostbusters merchandise was released as recently as today. Its not 100% specific, (saw a ghosthead share it on Facebook) seems their will be new (some we’ve been talking about in the last year) merchandise from the movies and new merchandise aimed towards “Ghostbusters 2016.”


  3. They released 3 volumes of the Real Ghostbusters on DVD but volumes 4 and 5 can only be found in the firehouse boxset which I don’t need as I already have the single releases of the first volumes.
    Will definitely be keeping my eyes out for new GB merchandise. Saw some GB T-shirts and shorts being sold here in Japan at Uniqlo clothes stores.


    • I think in the US, Volume 4 and 5 were released in the US. Either way I understand where you’re coming from. Maybe single season sets will be re-released in the next year.

      Same here and if it makes sense to cover the new merchandise here I probably will. You know of my interest in Japan as well. If you ever see something unique, different feel free to take pics if you can and let me know.


    • I’m not 100% sure about Volume 5. After I last wrote a reply I checked. Like you said Volume 4 wasn’t available through Amazon. Unfortunately you might “need” to try eBay. Hopefully they’ll be re-released next year.

      Thanks. I have a couple of things I could post about. Just merchandise I saw on eBay. More (newer) Ghostbusters products not generally sold in the United States.


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