Extreme Ghostbusters


When Extreme Ghostbusters premiered on September 1, 1997 somewhere on my aging 13 inch Sharp TV I was officially an adult. I had graduated high school a little more then a year ago. Those responsible adult things had already been set in motion. I had finally gotten my license, taken a real vacation without my parents, bought a car, was in college, and I had my first not in high school job. Minimum wage, oh yeah!

The cartoons I grew up with, that shaped my ’80s childhood were part of my past. Stored in a clutter of awesome memory files. Even a new Ghostbusters cartoon wasn’t exactly on my radar. I’m fuzzy on the whole how I even found out about it. I do remember a friend of mine and I talking about it.

At some point I checked out this newer Ghostbusters cartoon, a grittier animated version. Ghostbusters who were eXtreme! I don’t even remember what episode it was, I wasn’t exactly happy with what I was watching. “It isn’t what I’m use to!” I’ll give you that, as a fan since 1984 and someone who grew up with The Real Ghostbusters I didn’t like that three of the real Ghostbusters were missing.

Or that some executive approved a real life politically correct, translated to animated ethnically diverse characters. One’s nationally or ‘disability’ should have nothing to do with becoming a Ghostbuster. It just seems like that’s what had to be done right away instead of allowing it to happen naturally.

The relaxed “uniform code” also bothered me. Don’t get me wrong not enough to lose sleep over. Then their was the equipment. That was Ghostbusters? I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my thinking. Years later ghostheads like the uniforms and equipment enough to make costumes and prop replicas.

Looking back at how I felt that the Ghostbusters “business” wouldn’t have changed since I was 13 is pretty silly. To this day I haven’t seen all 40 episodes or season 1 of Extreme Ghostbusters. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to the entire season. I do feel I’d appreciate it more nearly 20 years later.

Regardless of how little I watched that didn’t stop me from buying some Extreme Ghostbusters toys coincidentally around the show’s 15th anniversary. In anticipation of that content, I created a Trendmasters toy page.

I’ve been working on the first of that content the last couple of days. It’ll be posted in an upcoming update.

Photo Source: Columbia TriStar Television


2 thoughts on “Extreme Ghostbusters

  1. Pretty much sums up my feelings on the show too. I remember catching the first few episodes and the last 2 episodes when the real Ghostbusters showed up. But there was nothing much I liked about this. The music, animation style, character designs and political correctness did nothing for me. I might give it another try just out of curiosity though.


    • “Back In The Saddle” Pts 1 and 2 were the episodes the other Real Ghostbusters finally came around. Those are the two episodes from ‘Extreme’ I’ve seen the most. I was about to write as I hadn’t seen those episodes in about 5 years, I didn’t remember why they finally showed up. I’m pretty sure I remember it had do with Egon’s birthday. Then of course that lead to reminiscing, dealing with a supernatural whatever, lol, (they looked like clouds?) the guys suiting up in the old uniforms and using the Real Ghostbusters equipment. As they worked with the new team.

      That could have happened much earlier on during season 1. Either way I wonder if their had been a season 2 if the originals would nave been more involved. By season 3 we could have had The Realer Ghostbusters. 😀

      After writing about the Extreme ECTO-1 toy vehicle from Trendmasters I wanted to see if the pilot explained why or how that Ecto was different. Episode 1 doesn’t, that ’59 Caddy finally had a tune up again.


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