Trendmasters ECTO-1


As I previously wrote about (Ecto-Containment Blog Post) I wasn’t a fan of Extreme Ghostbusters. Which even in recent years around the only season of the animated series seemed strange (in my neighborhood or yours) that I wouldn’t be a fan of something Ghostbusters. It couldn’t mean I wouldn’t have an interest in its toy line eventually. Trendmasters, a company who once shelled out the big bucks for Godzilla ponied up to bring us new Ghostbusters toys.

During a probably mundane trip to our nearest Big K-Mart in Fall 2000 I went downstairs and was checking out the toy section. Almost like finding buried treasure, either all or most of Trendmasters Extreme Ghostbusters toys were still available. I had spent a good part of 1999 and 2000 saving for a Proton Pack replica. I was also starting to buy Ghostbusters collectibles on a popular auction site. I didn’t buy a single Extreme Ghostbusters toy from them. In a way it worked out as a ghosthead I knew was interested for his collection.

During 2011 when I searched eBay like it was my business too I came across an auction for a SMIB Extreme Ghostbusters ECTO-1. I have no idea the rarity of this Ghostbusters toy. I remembered how I could have easily bought this for clearance more then once all those years ago. Even without being a fan of an extreme Ghostbusters series, its ECTO-1. I didn’t let it pass me by again.


Three years later I’ve opened my former investment to really check it out, take un boxing photos, and write a review or impression of Trendmasters Extreme ECTO-1.

Photo Source: Spook Central

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