Extreme Episode Review: Darkness At Noon Part 1


While I was working on the Trendmasters Extreme Ghostbusters ECTO-1 review I watched Darkness At Noon Pt. 1 for reference. As I was watching I started to review it mentally. Yesterday I decided to re-watch and actually review the pilot episode. It didn’t take long to remember why I don’t consistently write reviews. It was kinda fun watching Extreme Ghostbusters from a different perspective.

The review of Darkness At Noon Pt. 1 has a similar format to how I’ve written The Real Ghostbusters episode reviews. In deciding to review Extreme Ghostbusters, I created an Extreme Ghostbusters section. Which can be accessed through the navigation menu. Along with a Season 1 section.

I don’t have a set date for when I’ll review Darkness At Noon Pt. 2. I can see it as site content. We need a conclusion right? 8)

Photo Source: Zaki’s Corner


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