Extreme Episode Review: Darkness At Noon Part 2


Yesterday I watched and reviewed the second episode of Extreme Ghostbusters, the conclusion to Darkness At Noon Part I. It wasn’t planned to coincide with Ghostbusters 31st anniversary in the United States. The review of Darkness At Noon Pt. 2 is both a review and a “thoughts and observation” format. It made sense to write it that way. However, it takes a lot of time to write episode reviews in this way. I’d never recommend it. If I ever get to Back In The Saddle Part 1/Part 2, I’ll probably write it in the same way. I can be thorough like that. 8)

Episode Summary

Working around the clock allows Egon to upgrade the proton packs and traps. Eduardo, Garrett and Roland hope that will be enough to even the odds, but they have another problem. They know Achira has possessed someone, but are unaware that she has been hiding right under their noses in Kylie. In addition to busting Achira, the EGB must also find a way to free Kylie. Still, even if they all can defeat Achira, their ghost battles may have only just begun.

Extreme Episode Review: Darkness At Noon Pt. II



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