Kenner Instructions: Ghost Nabber


From my adulthood memory I don’t originally remember Kenner’s Ghost Nabber, drawn in 1986 as Ghost Detector. The toy version, loosely based on Ghostbusters “ghost sniffer” and original production drawings of The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Detector was only seen or used 3 times throughout the 7 season run. Which probably explains why I didn’t have to own and didn’t own as a child a The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Nabber.

I scanned the Ghost Nabber Instructions cover, two inside pages, and back page to make 4 PNG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


11 thoughts on “Kenner Instructions: Ghost Nabber

  1. Not a problem. One of the reasons I shared what I have or had was because their weren’t much of Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters instructions or decals on-line. Especially for free.

    Thanks for the compliment about Ecto-Containment. I like how its grown from a once former “sub site” of Ghostbusters International to a full site for The Real Ghostbusters to the current overall, personal Ghostbusters web site. 8)

    Thanks also for the offer of the Firehouse HQ decals. I’d like and appreciate that. The only reason I couldn’t offer them was because my decals had been applied about a year earlier by the seller when they had opened their MIB Kenner Firehouse.

    Do you still have your instructions? If they aren’t like mine. If you don’t, either way I appreciate what you doing.

    Do you have Kenner’s Ecto-Goggles/Ecto-Popper instructions? I haven’t had the instructions since I was a kid. I’ve owned two pairs in adulthood. Neither had the instructions. I’ve put it out there, no one seems to. I didn’t really want to spend a lot on an auction basically for the instructions.


    • I don’t have the instructions for those other things. I do have the firehouse instructions and they appear to be different from the ones you have here.

      I have uploaded my scans of the firehouse decals:
      They’ve been scanned at a nice resolution and I printed them on photo paper with my inkjet on the highest resolution. They came out looking great!

      Edit: Removed linked to scans.

      YOu should be able to download the scans. There are two different versions made on two different scanners. The Rescans came out better (I think). They’re also separated so they can be printed on 8.5 x 11 sized paper.

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      • Sure, thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

        The Firehouse HQ or Firehouse Station depending on country I own when collecting may either have been a later one, made with basically the world in mind. As the instructions are in English and more. 8)

        Thanks so much for offering scans of your Firehouse decals and letting us know how they came out. Seems like I can download them w/o a problem.

        When I add them to the site you’ll be credited.

        Thanks again!


    • For Ecto-Containment having international instructions does work out well. I would add (original) English instructions too. Would you be able to scan yours for the site? Whenever you’re able to.

      The Firehouse decal sheet has been added to Ecto-Containment, I wrote a post, and you’ve been credited.

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