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Kenner Ghost Nabber Photos

In the middle of November 2014 their was a (geographically speaking) a really local comic book show. Its kinda a con, the organizers call it a show. Unbeknownst to me, this same show was held last year in my town at the same place.… Continue Reading “Kenner Ghost Nabber Photos”

Kenner Accessories: Ghost Nabber Felt Ghosts

While scanning the Ghost Nabber Instructions I thought if I could scan the felt ghosts, I could provide the files for an adult who fondly remembers the Ghost Nabber and naturally The Real Ghostbusters. Or for those adults who have children of their own… Continue Reading “Kenner Accessories: Ghost Nabber Felt Ghosts”

Kenner Instructions: Ghost Nabber

From my adulthood memory I don’t originally remember Kenner’s Ghost Nabber, drawn in 1986 as Ghost Detector. The toy version, loosely based on Ghostbusters “ghost sniffer” and original production drawings of The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Detector was only seen or used 3 times throughout… Continue Reading “Kenner Instructions: Ghost Nabber”

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