Kenner Accessories: Ghost Nabber Felt Ghosts


While scanning the Ghost Nabber Instructions I thought if I could scan the felt ghosts, I could provide the files for an adult who fondly remembers the Ghost Nabber and naturally The Real Ghostbusters. Or for those adults who have children of their own and could use the files so their kid(s) could get a similar enjoyment in Ghostbusters playtime as they use to. That’s not a run on sentence, is it?

As I never owned the Ghost Nabber in childhood I wasn’t really aware that the felt ghosts weren’t flat pieces of felt. Going by the box art and its pictures I had an impression they were flat and not “puffed” out. Which makes me wonder how well the Ghost Nabber wand could hold/stick to the felt ghosts.

If you never owned a Kenner Ghost Nabber or don’t remember the felt ghosts Kenner made are printed images on a hacky sack type of ball. They also look like those “bean bags” figures you knock down (if you don’t get ripped off) at a carnival or shore boardwalk.

Trying to run with my idea I did scan each one of the Ghost Nabber ghosts and ran into a problem. Since they’re not flat images the scanner washed out two of the three colors. I tried to fix this in PS with the first peach colored ghost. It looked terrible and I would have been embarrassed if that was the final result. I moved onto the yellow highlighter color ghost. I couldn’t correct the color.

Although the hot pink ghost, the most famous of these The Real Ghostbusters ghosts scanned mostly correctly I decided to take a picture of the three Ghost Nabber ghosts together. Using PS I was able to make three images with a The Real Ghostbusters presentation that I was happy with. I realize the Photoshopping may be somewhat cruddy. It isn’t easy to make felt material perfect in 2D images.

The high resolution images I’m providing could still be used pretty much to cut out the ghost faces. If blank hacky sack material and/or foam could be bought at a toy or arts & craft store I think it could be possible to make new ghost nabbing ghosts.

ghostnabberghost ghostnabberghost2 ghostnabber3


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