Kenner Instructions: Ghost Spooker (Trap)

Third in the Kenner instruction series is the Ghost Spooker. I previously owned one in adulthood from eBay. If that Ghost Spooker had been found at a yard sale instead I would have paid a lot less for it. The box was aged and missing most of its contents. The toy wasn’t mint, it did work and still brought back fond memories. For how I like to collect most toys I knew I’d want to buy another. After I found the one I currently own from a popular auction site I was able to sell the previous one.

I’ve had my second Ghost Spooker in adulthood for more then a year. I carefully opened the box and took out its instructions this weekend to share with Kenner and The Real Ghostbusters fans.

The Ghost Spooker Instructions are three PNG files. Pages two and three from the instructions were scanned as one file. I’ve also scanned the decal sheet.


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