Kenner Instructions: Ghost Trap


Next in the Kenner instruction series is the Ghost Trap. When I originally won it sealed, mint in box from a popular auction site I knew I’d eventually open it. I just didn’t know when. That time would come about a year later when I felt the time was right. I took un-boxing pictures which were on the previous version of Ectocontainment. They’ll be moved to the current version of the site in a future update.

A bit surprising until today I didn’t even know I had the trap instructions. I’m pretty sure the original US version included a paper version. My auction trap is multi-national and multi-lingual. Which means Kenner included the Ghost Trap Instructions on the back of an updated version of The Real Ghostbusters poster (in multiple languages) that would be included with the toy line. i scanned the back of the poster in three sections to make 3 png files and I’ve also scanned the decal sheet.

If anyone can confirm the US version did have a paper instruction like the proton pack please let us know in the comments. If you live outside the US or did in the 80s and can confirm Kenner printed the instructions on the back of the RGB poster, please let us know in the comments also.


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