Kenner Instructions: Proton Pack

Normally I’m one of those toy collectors who would rather have sealed/mint in box or mint on card toys which I don’t open and enjoy in adulthood by display. There are exceptions depending on circumstances or if it was one of my favorite toys. Kenner’s Proton Pack with P.K.E Meter is one of those toys. When I won my Kenner proton pack from a popular internet auction site it had been open in years past. It included the instructions and that gave me the idea that if I’m brave enough to open my sealed The Real Ghostbusters toys I’ll scan them to share with Kenner and the Ghostbusters community. To the best of my knowledge I haven’t or rarely seen these instructions on-line at all or for free.

My original pack instructions were pretty aged. I’ve cleaned them up and tried to make them look as new as possible. Their are still imperfections. To correct the aged imperfections it may take a graphics tablet which I don’t have.

Kenner’s Proton Pack Instructions are 6 png files. A separate file includes the proton pack decals. Their isn’t a RGB ID card because although it was suppose to be included, through an oversight or because it had gone missing Kenner’s original wasn’t in the open box. A reason why I prefer to buy mint in box toys.


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