Ectocontaining In Mexico


Rolando Muñoz aka Ghostbusters213 in the ghosthead community recently let me know via Twitter @ectocontainment that he has been enjoying reading the NOW c o m i c s on his iPad. What I thought was a tweet and a RT from me turned into support from Rolando.

Rolando also runs Ghostbusters Mexico, a Ghostbusters news and community site. He wanted to and is linking back to Ectocontainment. That would have been appreciated enough, he wrote a blog entry about me, more about the NOW comics, and is promoting the comic pages.

In addition to being pretty much the only ghosthead in Mexico I kinda know, Rolando is a talented artist who has drawn Ghostbusters fan art. He didn’t ask me to say anything about it, as an artist too who never quite mastered how to draw people I wanted to bring attention to his work.

Check his site out and if you don’t read Spanish (because you stopped after 10th grade) most browsers can translate for you.

Feel free to follow Rolando aka Ghostbusters213 on Twitter @Ghostbusters213


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