NYCC 2015: Cryptozoic Micro Figures


At this year’s New York Toy Fair Cryptozoic gave us an idea (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, February 17, 2015) about their upcoming Ghostbusters micro figures. Ghostheads didn’t know much and would have to wait until NYCC for more. I sorta forgot about this to be honest. Cryptozoic didn’t and gave us a look at some prototypes, if they’re approved.


I’m just providing an educated guess, I can safely presume these micro figures will be similar (seems to have more details) to Titan Merchandise Ghostbusters (GB Inc. Blog Post, February 15, 2015) and QMX’s Q-Pops. (GB Inc. Blog Post, February 19, 2015) Which I’m still waiting for. I believe the wide release is next month.

Pending licensor approval Cryptozoic will have all 4 Ghostbusters, (bonus points for a Winston) Stay-Puft, ECTO-1, Terror Dog, Vinz Clortho, Library ghost, and Cryptozoic showed off (for now) one figure from Ghostbusters II.

Gave them the chair!

Cryptozoic’s micro figures will retail between $3.49 USD-$3.99 USD. With availability during Q1 2016.

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