Yesterday I had some opinions about Spirit Halloween new Ghostbusters costumes. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, August 19, 2019) The post was long and I didn’t have the time before work to talk about Spirit Halloween other Ghostbusters merchandise. This is that post. Full disclosure I don’t own any of Spirit Halloween’s Ghostbusters items. I use to own Matty Collector Prop Toys and still own a 19 year old Proton Pack replica. Should the time… Read More

Our associates at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent over information and a press release for the Midway Arcade Level Pack along with DC Comics Superman and Aquaman Fun Packs. Naturally additional fun with the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Fun Pack.

Lego Dimensions (US) Ghostbusters level pack is available now. If being a Ghostbusters Lego game of sorts isn’t enough reason to want to add this your LEGO Dimensions game, the great people behind the games were nice enough to send me an email.

Whether you’re a ghosthead or not, you’re probably aware by now that a LEGO video game is coming out with licensed characters from Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony Pictures, and additional studios. Lego Dimensions was announced back in April 2015. Two days before my birthday for the excuse. While I wasn’t disinterested in a multi-character arc Lego game, it wasn’t exactly peaking my interest. Also, ghostheads didn’t know whether Ghostbusters would be apart of it…. Read More

Calgary artists Jackson Gee and Ross Hughes created this piece of The Real Ghostbusters art. It feels like his inspiration came of course from the series with a mix of comic art from Legion which was penciled by Steve Kurth and inked by Serge LaPointe. Original website text in French. Here’s what Jackson said about the piece: The Sandman was kinda scary. This cartoon was one of my faves of all time. Pen and… Read More