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Equipment: Belt Gizmo

Last month around April 13, 2012 a Ghostbusters fan, (HandSolo) shared his discovery of the animated version of the “Belt Gizmo.” A piece of Ghostbusting equipment that’s always been part of the uniform, we’ve never known its function. That wasn’t good enough for the… Continue Reading “Equipment: Belt Gizmo”

Equipment: Ghost Detector

The second Kenner toy I wrote about was the Ghost Nabber. Although I knew it was based on the Ghost Sniffer from Ghostbusters and had been drawn as the Ghost Detector for The Real Ghostbusters, I didn’t know off hand (and I hadn’t researched… Continue Reading “Equipment: Ghost Detector”

Episode Review: Mrs Roger’s Neighborhood

After at least a two year absence I’ve begun reviewing The Real Ghostbusters episodes again. Unlike 2008 or 2009 I will not be writing about the episodes plots almost word for word like I’m writing a report. Each episode review will have a synopsis… Continue Reading “Episode Review: Mrs Roger’s Neighborhood”

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