Episode Review: Mrs Roger’s Neighborhood


After at least a two year absence I’ve begun reviewing The Real Ghostbusters episodes again. Unlike 2008 or 2009 I will not be writing about the episodes plots almost word for word like I’m writing a report. Each episode review will have a synopsis and any of the following:

  • Thoughts and comments.
  • Technical references.
  • Facts and/or trivia.
  • Product “placement.”
  • Mistakes/goofs from an episode.

Today’s case file continues from September 1986, titled Mrs. Roger’s Neighborhood. After The Real Ghostbusters had unplugged Killerwatt the week before business has slowed down considerably. That is until a “little old lady” named Mrs. Rogers calls about her haunted house. Mrs. Rogers and her house are more then they appear.

Photo File: Mrs. Rogers with her bird Precious.


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