Ecto-Containing In Order

At the end of March I wrote (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, March 30, 2021) how it didn’t occur to me that Sony Pictures might not always upload episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Page) and Extreme Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Page) in order of how they originally aired to their Ghostbusters YouTube account.

To date, Sony has uploaded two separate episodes when they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. In my last post about “out of order” episodes I had decided to embed episodes and order them as how Sony uploaded them.

Since then as I prefer a chronological listing, I’ve rearranged and added official episodes of both series to Ecto-Containment, straight from Ghostbusters YouTube account.

With 7 seasons of The Real Ghostbusters and 40 episodes from Extreme Ghostbusters, I’ve added new pages for organization and faster loading times.

*Edit* September 27, 2021: Restored Episodes pages with official links.


Sony Getting Real Extreme (Not) In Order

I wrote on March 12, 2021 about how Sony Pictures are uploading episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Page) and Extreme Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Page) to their Ghostbusters YouTube account.

What didn’t occur to me was that Sony might not always upload episodes in order of how they aired. That’s what happened beginning with St. Patrick’s Day. They added special “holiday” themed episodes from both series.

  • Season 2: Episode 40: The Scaring Of The Green (The Real Ghostbusters)
  • Season 1: Episode 21: The Luck Of The Irish (Extreme Ghostbusters)

I don’t know if they’ll continue to do this. Which had me thinking, well how am I going to order them at Ecto-Containment? For now I’ve decided to list them in the order Sony uploads them. In time I could eventually re-order them by how they aired, either with or without embedding them.


Sony Getting Real Extreme On YouTube

About a month ago Sony Pictures began to upload weekly episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment Page) to their Ghostbusters YouTube account. Partially with Ghostbusters Afterlife (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 2, 2020) pushed further ahead to November 11, 2021 it makes sense for Sony to add animated episodes to their official YouTube channel while ghostheads wait.

Sony will release a “new” episode on Saturday mornings. Just like in 1980 something! Depending on how they upload each season, it’ll be around 2028 before all 7 seasons are officially available to watch on-line. By then who knows, Sony could have their own + network. Or have re-re-re-released The Real Ghostbusters completely to a new format.

For any ghosthead who doesn’t have the original Time-Life set or incomplete volume DVD sets, I’m happy generations of ghostheads have the opportunity to enjoy The Real Ghostbusters every week.

As a ghosthead who began this site to be all about The Real Ghostbusters I’ve added a new page to share Sony’s official uploads (currently early in Season 1) of The Real Ghostbusters. I will organize it further as they add new episodes and my schedule allows.

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Playmobil’s Recreation Of The Real Ghostbusters Opening


Maybe a coincidence. :p Reckless Abandonment Pictures produced and published their stop motion tribute (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 8, 2019) to The Real Ghostbusters. Ten days later in time for Halloween Playmobil has released their animation version (naturally in the Playmobil style/universe style) of the iconic The Real Ghostbusters opening.

Like with Playmobil’s Ghostbusters animation, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, February 2, 2017) ghostheads wonder if Playmobil and Sony Pictures Animation will ever make a full length Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters animated movie(s).


The Real Ghostbusters Pilot


Before their could ever be episodes of The Real Ghostbusters something had to be created to show how an animated Ghostbusters series would work. What would the characters look like, what about their personalities? How about the environment around them? What would the equipment look like? What would the ghosts look like?

Prior to September 1986 when an animated spin off was a logical progression (or so it would seem) to the blockbuster Ghostbusters a short pilot was made. This promo, (also later used to advertise The Real Ghostbusters for Saturday mornings) began to give us the universe of The Real Ghostbusters with a short story. All in less then 5 minutes.

As this was before a single episode had been made, their isn’t any dialogue. ‘Ghostbusters’ plays throughout.

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The Real Ghostbusters 3D Intro


Last November Zim Animation (Facebook) released their The Real Ghostbusters intro teaser. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, November 26, 2014) Since then Zim Animation had been providing “WIP” updates in this thread at Ghostbusters Fans.

Less than a year later Zim Animation (YouTube) has completed their The Real Ghostbusters 3D intro!

Screen Cap Source: Zim Animation (YouTube)

The Real Ghostbusters 3D Teaser Intro


Zim animation, (YouTube) are a talented group (as in more then one) of artists and animators who take ’80s and ’90s cartoon introductions and recreate them in 3D. You may remember over the summer when Zim animation released their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D intro. You don’t? Well that’s in part because I don’t run a would be turtle site called The Lair. If The Real Ghostbusters never existed, I might. Continue reading

The Real Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Production Art


While perusing the ‘ol popular auction site that rhymes with day I came across 4 pieces of ECTO-1 production art used in different episodes during The Real Ghostbusters run. The seller or sellers had a “stack” of The Real Ghostbusters cells listed. A bit oddly enough I don’t own any production art or RGB (its cool to abbreviate) cells. As next year is the 30th Anniversary of The Real Ghostbusters I’d like to collect some of that.

If I didn’t have to be responsible I might have or would try to buy or bid on some of the ECTO-1 production art. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t share the not always seen art with ghostheads and plug the seller(s) auctions. Hopefully the favor will be returned by someone when I’m selling again.

I’ve cropped the art some because of the seller’s background and cleaned up the art to make it more newer. The actual art has aged like paper does.


I’m pretty sure “The Real Ghostbusters II” refers to when The Real Ghostbusters became Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters. The art is from third season episode, Baby Spookums.


Damage ECTO-1 from season 4’s The Brookyln Triangle. Notice the production logo is Ghostbusters, not The Real Ghostbusters and definitely not The Real Ghostbusters II.


I still can remember when I first saw Ghost Traps coming out from the sides of ECTO-1. Its clever and makes sense. Although Ecto-Containment’s ECTO-1 features page is real light on content I always liked that as The Real Ghostbusters is a cartoon, ECTO-1 could have more tech depending on the episode plot. Which is also cool as Dan Aykroyd originally wanted ECTO-1 to have “mysterious” supernatural abilities.

This more detailed ECTO-1 was featured in the season 3 episode Halloween II 1/2.


I don’t remember today, ECTO-1 being able to jump with its super duper suspension and jet pads was either really cool or over the top. Similar to when Winston once installed a life raft (Sticky Business) so ECTO-1 could float on water just in case.

This ECTO-1 production art was drawn for the season 3 episode Big Trouble With Little Slimer.

Sketchpad Source: Catherine’s Sketches

Production Art Source: icollect-on-line (eBay)