Spirit Halloween New Ghostbusters Costumes


Last year Spirit Halloween took their Ghostbusters license to the next level with new Ghostbusters costumes, prop replicas, and more. (GBI Blog Post, August 30, 2018)

Those items far as I know are still available to buy along with a storage facility full of new items.

Full disclosure I don’t own any of Spirit Halloween’s Ghostbusters items. As you may know I own a couple of Ghostbusters flight suits, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, March 5, 2014) that don’t fit because I lost weight in the last 2 years.

When I’m able to I’ll put together a new for me Ghostbusters costume. This post is more of an overview and my opinion of what Spirit Halloween is offering this year than a review.

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Ghostbusters Funko Pop Movies 3 Pack


Back in May Funko showed off upcoming Funko products. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, May 20, 2016) Maybe to the surprise of ghostheads, their was to be a new Ghostbusters Pop! Movies collectible! Not just one figure either. Fans wouldn’t have to buy them separately. However, ghostheads would have to buy them from Walmart as this 3 pack would be there exclusive.

My nearest location barely carries Pops! and other nerd collectibles. Seeing how they didn’t seem to carry summer 2016 Ghostbusters toys, I knew I wouldn’t see this 2.5 miles from my house. I went to order from the blue stores site. On the first try they were sold out. One day weeks later when I was being responsible keeping ECU running my friend let me know these were in stock. I was able to avoid the inconvenience of trying to go to another location and buy from secondary/third markets too.

Same friend (who is a Funko Pops! collector) and I placed an order. After I received mine via mail (to further avoid the blue store) and the day he was expecting his, a Walmart he was at (in New Jersey) had 10 of them. :O

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Funko Releasing Exclusive Ghostbusters Pops


Yesterday Funko did some Periscoping video thingie. Where they were showing off some of their new and presumably upcoming products. Details are on the lite side. A new Pop! Movies Ghostbusters exclusive is coming to the blue retailer, Walmart.

Jorge Rodiguez tweeted a screencap of the Ghostbusters three pack:

It seemed to only take a couple more years. Funko finally made a Dana, (naturally as The Gatekeeper) Louis Tully, (naturally as The Key Master) and as an expected companion Zuul. Yes, technically Zuul and The Gatekeeper (at least in human form) are the same. Maybe its marketing as focus groups thought Zuul was a stronger sell.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you feel about exclusives, for the foreseeable future this Funko Ghostbusters 3 pack is a Walmart exclusive. Hopefully for a set amount of time.

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Some Matty Collector Ghostbusters Sculpting

handsculptmattel gbsdanabarrett

With Mattel Ghostbusters/2016 toys (slowly, depending on location) reaching retailers this month and Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Selects also at retailers it gave me an opportunity to finally post something I never got to in January for some reason.

Eleventyplex, a traditional sculpting company once worked with Matty Collector on their Ghostbusters figures. These sculpts included Dana Barrett, Librarian, Taxi Ghost, and Cinema Ghost. The ghost figures were accessories to Matty Collector Ghostbusters figures.

Here are additional photos of their Ghostbusters sculpts. On the side navigation menu you can also view the rest of their portfolio.

Source:  Eleventyplex

Lego Ideas: Dana’s Ghostbusters Apartment


With LEGO officially making licensed Ghostbusters sets, (not Stay-Puft, that’s what I heard!) I kinda thought additional products would come from Lego/Sony. Thankfully over the weekend Lego builders and ghostheads proved me wrong.

Over at LEGO Ideas Bobbrick999 has designed Dana Barrett’s 1980s apartment, you know before the Gatekeeper brought property values way down. Continue reading