Funko Releasing Exclusive Ghostbusters Pops


Yesterday Funko did some Periscoping video thingie. Where they were showing off some of their new and presumably upcoming products. Details are on the lite side. A new Pop! Movies Ghostbusters exclusive is coming to the blue retailer, Walmart.

Jorge Rodiguez tweeted a screencap of the Ghostbusters three pack:

It seemed to only take a couple more years. Funko finally made a Dana, (naturally as The Gatekeeper) Louis Tully, (naturally as The Key Master) and as an expected companion Zuul. Yes, technically Zuul and The Gatekeeper (at least in human form) are the same. Maybe its marketing as focus groups thought Zuul was a stronger sell.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you feel about exclusives, for the foreseeable future this Funko Ghostbusters 3 pack is a Walmart exclusive. Hopefully for a set amount of time.

Update: June 15, 2016


Funko has unveiled promotional photos for the three pack and a first look at the newest classic Ghostbusters Pop! Movies.

Source: Funko


4 thoughts on “Funko Releasing Exclusive Ghostbusters Pops

  1. I hate when merchandise is exclusive then what happens is the folk who are lucky to get it put them on eBay for silly money. Living in the UK there isn’t a Walmart here so wouldn’t it make business sense to make them not exclusive as way more people would be buying them


    • I agree 100% with what you’re saying. I’d find it hard to believe these companies, (the retailers aren’t exempt from this) don’t realize by having some exclusive agreement with a retailer, they’re creating a collectors and third party (mostly eBay) market. In that case buyer beware and if a consumer is paying high prices, that’s on the individual.

      What could happen with this 3 pack, (an educated guess based on previous retailer GB exclusives) its exclusive to Walmart for a set amount of time, then will have wider distribution.

      During the exclusive time, secondary on-line retailers may also carry them. Yeah, might only be US retailers. Can’t hurt to look into it more. I just thought of this, maybe Forbidden Planet in the UK could get them eventually.

      I live too close sometimes to a Wal-Mart. I doubt I’ll ever see this there. They barely carry Funko products and any newer GB merchandise has kinda been a joke.

      I might eventually go secondary market myself. Only eBay if the price is reasonable to me.


  2. Chris, thanks for letting us know earlier this month.

    All: At the end of June a friend of mine told me these were in stock on Walmart’s website. If he hadn’t told me, I most likely would have missed out. About a week later same friend was at a different Walmart then the one I go to and to at least my surprise that location had 10 of them. As I expected my local Walmart did not have them when I had checked.

    All: This past week a ghosthead had a photo of this item showing it was marked down. I just checked Walmart’s site. It in stock! Surprised again.


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