Janine Melnitz Uses QuickBooks


About 2 weeks ago videos and memes of Annie Potts, who plays the iconic role of Janine Melnitz, the Ghostbusters cranky receptionist hit the interwebs. Except for here as I’m retro blogging. That’s a real thing right?

This isn’t reused and some computer generated footage of Ms. Potts as Janine from GHOSTBUSTERS. Or Annie Potts kinda looking like Janine selling us DirecTV in the 2000s. She is better than that, Ghostbusters is above that kind of cheese. So is Intuit.

Intuit is the leading software company behind Turbo Tax, Mint, and QuickBooks. In a series of ads to manage a better, happier business Intuit has partnered with Sony/Columbia to use characters from 2 of their biggest iconic movies from the 1980s. Karate Kid and Ghostbusters. The idea is that characters who run businesses are happier and more productive than they were 36 years ago because they use QuickBooks to manage their respective business.

What’s really great about the Ghostbusters QuickBooks ads, (besides naturally Annie Potts reprising her role as Janine Melnitz) is the recreation of the Ghostbusters HQ offices. Unfortunately it couldn’t be built in the twenty teens at Engine 23 in Los Angeles. Someone did their Ghostbusters homework with a faithful new version of part of the Firehouse interior.

These commercials are also funny because in universe without being there, somewhere in the last 36 years Doctor Venkman had to buy Janine a new computer, somehow wouldn’t spring for a new “all in one” printer. Maybe Egon still needed those?

The three QuickBooks Ghostbusters ads:

Happy Business

Payroll Taxes

All In One Place



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