IDW Publishing Ghostbusters International Comics

agbintcomicoverIDW Publishing Ghostbusters comic news out of the recent New York Comic Con.

It was announced (um probably at NYCC) that IDW will publish international adventures of the comic Ghostbusters.

The title will appropriately be named Ghostbusters International.

As a guy who once owned and paid way too much for the domain name I wish this part of the comic series had been around over the last decade.

The basic premise of Ghostbusters International comics is that the established Ghostbusters will be dealing with international  ghosts at there respective international locations.

Perhaps as early as Issue #1 we’ll also see new Ghostbusters to probably handle business in America.

Comic Book Resources interviewed Erik about Ghostbusters International.

I’m an eyewitness, anybody want to interview me? 😀

Ghostbusters International Issue #1 will be available in January 2016.

Photo Source: Comic Book Resources


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