The Real Ghostbusters Vintage Style Shelf Talkers


Last month thanks to JBlake and originally Kenner I was able to share photos from The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Center. I didn’t think I’d be talking about anything ‘Ghost Center’ related within a month.

During the usual eBay searches I came across brand new RGBs Shelf Talkers! :O

customrgbsheltalkers2 customrgbsheltalkers3

Without knowing more I was thinking how these don’t come up on eBay, their’s a variety, and they seem reasonably priced. They’re all of the above and they’re new reproductions from Australian eBay member zacparis. Based on the originals. Neat.

As I didn’t really remember RGBs shelf talkers or The Ghost Center I don’t know if like in The United States, Kenner Australia (and perhaps other English speaking countries) had the exact style. Seems fairly plausible.


If you’re invested in new vintage (or classic) style The Real Ghostbusters shelf talkers, zacparis is selling them through eBay for AU $16.00. Approx. $12.49 USD.

Photos Source: Stick-2-Quality Zacparis


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