Matty Collector PKE Photos


In December 2010 Matty Collector began getting into producing functioning Ghostbusters “props.” Which I’ve called prop toys in comparison to ghostheads who have the “tools and the talent” to build their own. I’m not one of those ghostheads. I was probably happy to be able to buy the first Ghostbusters tool we see used in Ghostbusters.

December 2010 was technically before Ecto-Containment existed. I wasn’t writing first impressions or Rich Reviews. With Matty Collector prop toys I wouldn’t for at least a couple more years. By then I didn’t see a need to review this P.K.E Meter. I did want to share photos on Ecto-Containment.

In July 2017 as I was moving and selling parts of my collection, I took a dozen photos. Nearly seven years later to its release I’m getting around to sharing photos.

Photo Source: Ecto-Containment HQ


The Real Ghostbusters Vintage Style Shelf Talkers


Last month thanks to JBlake and originally Kenner I was able to share photos from The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Center. I didn’t think I’d be talking about anything ‘Ghost Center’ related within a month.

During the usual eBay searches I came across brand new RGBs Shelf Talkers! :O Continue reading

Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Center


Ghosthead and toy collector JBlake shared corporate Kenner The Real Ghostbusters display images. The pictures were to show employees and retailers how The Real Ghostbusters merchandise should or can be displayed. I don’t personally recall seeing any of this at the chain toy stores I’d frequent (well as much as I could) during the ’80s.

I have a hard time believing I wouldn’t have remembered being at The Real Ghostbusters Ghost Center. Continue reading

Kenner Ghost Nabber Photos


In the middle of November 2014 their was a (geographically speaking) a really local comic book show. Its kinda a con, the organizers call it a show. Unbeknownst to me, this same show was held last year in my town at the same place. As the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show was coming up I knew I’d be there with my Ghostbusters franchise and friends from a second New Jersey franchise.

I thought as this con was local, more fun, less kind of pressure then a major con I could mix up the equipment and bring (and wear) some of my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys. Continue reading

No Ghosts Escape My Ecto-Vision


I’ve owned two Kenner Ecto-Goggles/Ecto-Popper since 2011. Neither were mint in box and it took buying two of them (not the original plan) to make my current and only Ecto-Visors as complete as possible. Neither toy or inserts were in any plastic bagging. I’m pretty sure Kenner once included a paper instructions sheet for them.

What I’ve done is try to recreate a un-boxing experience how I could so we could enjoy Kenner’s Ecto-Goggles, even long after we may own Matty Collector’s version.

I took 14 pictures and scanned each side of the original box. As an added bonus you can print out Mr. Stay-Puft for collectibility or to use with your own Kenner toys and prop replicas.