Now James Van Hise The Real Ghostbusters Starring In Ghostbusters II Deleted Art

Ghostheads have known for years that Ghostbusters II has enough deleted scenes to make a feature out of. For example, a scene where Louis Tully in the Firehouse sets a trap (um just about literally) to catch Slimer because the overgrown ghost ate his lunch. Louis uses a proton pack and damages a ceiling or wall.

One of the cut scenes from Ghostbusters II involved the ending. For the unfamiliar the guys were able to finally get paid for saving the city if they promise to put Ms. Harbor Chick 1990 back together. How this would have been accomplished and what cost is anyone’s guess. While part of that wasn’t necessary, honoring the Ghostbusters and showing Lady Liberty was. We only get a glimpse in the closing credits. This scene was longer with the guys talking about their nationalities and receiving a key to the city.

That scene was in enough drafts that the artists at NOW (Ghostbusters Firehouse) created what was to become pages 28-30. At the request of Columbia Pictures, the comic ending was removed. As James Van Hise would bring up, the studio wasn’t around to “make” them remove the deleted Ecto-1A crash scene. Which we only see part of in the Ghostbusters II montage.

Ghosthead Alex Newborn has proof art with a personal letter from James Van Hise. Alex shared scans from his collection at Ghostbusters Fans on October 1, 2011. With his permission I’m sharing his scans today NOW 😀 that all three Ghostbusters II issues are complete.


nowgb2deletedendingart1 nowgb2deletedendingart2

nowgb2deletedendingart3 nowgb2deletedendingart4

Besides what would have been the final ending to Ghostbusters II, you can see that NOW used the final Statue Of Liberty panel to close out the comic story.

Original Source: James Van Hise

Photo Credits: Alex Newborn


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