Kenner Instructions: Gooper Ghosts – Squisher

In 1987 Kenner released three larger ghosts as part of the Gooper Ghost™ line. These three ghosts came in boxes instead of being packaged in a card. Each figure came with 5 ounces of Ecto-plazm™ “play gel” and in the case of Banshee Bomber a play mat.

In 1988 Kenner released a Green Ghost Gooper Ghost.

Squisher has posable arms to lift a hero figure across its mouth. If it feels nasty which happens at least once during play time Squisher lifts a The Real Ghostbusters figure into its mouth using the bottom teeth. The lift happens by moving Squisher’s tail up and down.

I’ve taken the original 4 page Squisher Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 3 PNG files. Squisher doesn’t have decals to apply.


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