Gooper Ghosts Goldmine

When I first started scanning and providing Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters toy instructions it wasn’t organized to how I’ve written about the vehicles, play sets, and role playing toys. Because I didn’t think to do that and my collection isn’t currently displayed. Early on I just provided easily accessible and favorite to me instructions. I also didn’t know what instructions I had to share. One day I went through most of the collection and from that point on i’ve shared the instructions to how I originally wrote about the toys.

With the next updates to come I hadn’t checked those The Real Ghostbusters toys to see if they had instructions. Partially because of time when I was going through the other toys and going by a Kenner web site. Its possible even they didn’t know these toys had instructions. As The Real Ghostbusters toys are only a small part of their overall site.

Yesterday I went through the four Gooper Ghosts boxes and came across what I feel are rare gems in the Kenner and Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters communities. Each box had the original set of instructions! I’ve scanned them all and cleaned them up. In the next Kenner instructions updates I’ll be adding Squisher, Banshee Bomber, Sludge Bucket, and Green Ghost.

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