The Real Ghostbusters Comics: Issue 8


From NOW™ – April 1989

Toad Island

Written By James Van Hise

Penciled By John Tobias

Inked By Rich Rankin

Lettered By Kurt Hathaway

Cover By John Tobias & Marc Hansen

Scanned and restored in March 2012 by Richard Roy.

“Something is amiss at Toad Island. Fish-like people are kidnapping patrons to appease something called the Deepest One. However, one of the Toad Islanders fights the calling of his people and goes to the Ghostbusters to help stop the evil at the amusement park. Unfortunately during the course of their investigation, Janine is kidnapped by the fish people, giving the Ghostbusters one more person to save!”

  1. Janine has a new hair style, similar to the one she would have in later seasons of The Real Ghostbusters.
  2. Goof: Janine becomes “invisible” on page 16 because she wasn’t inked.
  3. Goof: Other objects and creatures weren’t inked as well on page 16.

The Real Ghostbusters Issue 8. (Ghostbusters Firehouse)


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