Louis Tully Character Bio

When I originally moved The Real Ghostbusters sub site to Ectocontainment I didn’t add content that wasn’t part of The Real Ghostbusters first season. Going back to 2008 the idea was I’d add characters, ghosts, vehicles, and equipment as I saw them in a The Real Ghostbusters episode. It sounded ok. Realistically by the time I could and will be able to watch 7 seasons again of the series it could be years before anyone saw those characters, ghosts, vehicles, and equipment added to the site. This won’t necessarily be the case any longer.

In 2012 it begins with everyone’s favorite accountant Louis Tully. Louis became part of Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters during the 5 season episode, Something’s Going Around. Which aired about 4 months after Ghostbusters II had first been in theaters.

Post Update: When I made the decision to evolve Ecto-Containment to an overall Ghostbusters web sites, pages such as the staff page were removed.


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