Custom Peoplebusters Work In Progress


A Deviant Art member, Tempting Tragedy is creating a full line of Peoplebusters figures from the season 4 episode Flipside to match The Real Ghostbusters first series hero figures. In the episode Peter, Ray, and Egon accidentally end up in an alternate New York (Boo York) where ghosts live (or un-live) and people don’t. It wasn’t explained why a Peoplebuster Winston didn’t exist. Tempting Tragedy is creating one.

More from Tempting Tragedy about a wouldbe Peoplebuster Winston and his Peoplebusters figures:

“I’ve researched many references and carefully considered previous ideas from others who have created a Peoplebuster version of Winston. “Dapper Dan” pretty much has a perfect version of Winston created but his style reflects more of a movie version of them rather than the RGB’s original designs. But you can see the similarities between his Winston and mine. Like I said I’m trying to incorporate everyones ideas.

I’ve also considered size and shape in comparison to the rest of the Peoplebusters since they all have there unique & exaggerated features based off there human selves.

Winston, with having no science background was originally added to the team as more of a hired hand. So I designed him as the tyrant that can get the big jobs done. the brute force of the team since the Peoplebusters are a bigger badder more aggressive version of themselves.

Please help me out. Give your input and suggestions. I feel this is the best interpretation of him but your thoughts are always welcome.

These will be posable resin figures when I am done. This is my prototype for Egon. This is a good example of the style and scale I’m going for. Closely accurate to my quick sketch. There isn’t to much of a height difference between the figures but with the extreme difference in proportions the RGB Egon starts to look pretty small in comparison to the Peoplebusters.

He is posable in shoulders legs and neck. The incomplete hand will be posable as well with bend and rotate since that will be his firing hand.”

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