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The Real Ghostbusters Streaming on Netflix

This is a pleasant and unexpected surprise. While I’ve been working on 28 year old Ghostbusters II food campaigns (Ecto-Containment Tag) Netflix (US) has added 5 seasons of The Real Ghostbusters to stream for at least US, CA, UK, and AUS subscribers. The Real Ghostbusters ran… Continue Reading “The Real Ghostbusters Streaming on Netflix”

Episode Review: Ain’t NASA-sarily So

This week officially marked the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The iconic science fiction show was entering adulthood when The Real Ghostbusters was still in its infancy. Thirty years later, The Real Ghostbusters is pretty much as beloved as Star Trek. On November 17, 1987… Continue Reading “Episode Review: Ain’t NASA-sarily So”

Episode Review: Captain Steel Saves The Day

With two of 2016 major superhero blockbusters at theaters back in March (when this episode review would have been a little more current) and right now with a different captain. Along with another Free Comic Book Day in a bag I knew this had to… Continue Reading “Episode Review: Captain Steel Saves The Day”

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