Hollywood Collectibles Ray Stantz 1:4 Statue


In November 2015 Hollywood Collectibles Group just in time for Black Friday began selling their 1:4 Peter Venkman. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, November 27, 2015)

Less than two full years later Hollywood Collectibles Group has 1:4 Ray Stantz ready for pre-order to take up ghostheads display space.

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Hollywood Collectibles Peter Venkman 1:4 Statue


On November 19, 2015 Hollywood Collectibles Group officially announced their 1:4 scale Peter Venkman statue. Since their preview/prototype (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, July 12, 2015) from SDCC 2015 HCG have improved on the head sculpt. While I didn’t notice, some fans felt the equipment could have been more detailed. Considering how tiny some of the details have to be, I can easily overlook something that doesn’t seem “right” from the actual props.

We are proud to present the first in our highly anticipated line of Officially Licensed Ghostbusters statues…Peter Venkman!

Featuring an incredible likeness of the inimitable Bill Murray in character as Venkman, this incredibly realistic statue stands approx 19” tall on its Ghostbusters themed base.

Standing in classic Ghostbusting pose, Venkman is captured with Neutrino Wand in hand and comes complete with an intricately detailed Proton Pack.

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SDCC: Hollywood Collectibles Peter Venkman 1:4 Statue


Hollywood Collectibles Group who make detailed, high end movie and television collectibles is a Ghostbusters licensee. Prior to SDCC HCG had teased a Venkman figure. At SDCC Hollywood Collectibles Group had the first of hopefully more Ghostbusters statues on display.

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