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Mattel Planning New Ghostbusters Figures And A Proton Pack

Sony Pictures VP of global consumer products, Mark Caplan has provided information about what ghostheads can expect from their business partnership with Mattel in the next year. While we’re probably not getting those The Real Ghostbusters figures (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, July 25, 2014) we’ll see new… Continue Reading “Mattel Planning New Ghostbusters Figures And A Proton Pack”

Ghostheads: A Ghostbusters Documentary

I heard about Ghostheads in the last year. At the time I dismissed it. Hear me out. It was and is a great idea for a documentary. With the film exploring ghostheads, franchises, and Ghostbusters culture impact from around the world unless their was… Continue Reading “Ghostheads: A Ghostbusters Documentary”

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