Ghostbusters Letterhead With Envelope


It isn’t that often I see a Ghostbusters paper prop I don’t think I’ve come across. That wasn’t the case when Replica Prop Forum member Brigandia36 posted Ghostbusters stationary/letterhead with an envelope. These paper props came from iCollector, an auction site. The original auction didn’t sell, which is partially why I’m sharing the images.

The lot also includes a sheet of stationery and an envelope that both bear the Ghost Busters company letterhead, complete with address and phone number for reporting supernatural disturbances.

Its possible these were made for Ghostbusters, possibly set dressing during production. Either really weren’t seen or not used as a prop at all.

A comment at RPF said they weren’t real if they didn’t have slime on them. So now they have slime. Then I made a variant as I could see “Dr. Venkman” placing his coffee atop of one of the older letterheads.



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