Kenner Ghost Trap Photos


 I bought this Kenner Ghost Trap in 2011. It had never been open until February 10, 2012. Which is around when I created a photo album using former Ecto-Containment software. When I switched software and hosting companies the album didn’t make the move. I had always intended to share the pictures again. Two years later I have again.


Original Photo Source: Kenner

7 thoughts on “Kenner Ghost Trap Photos

    • Unfortunate at times, the older we are removed from this stuff originally it isn’t always easy to remember every toy from these lines and their original availability. For example I hadn’t remembered Ecto-500 early in my adulthood in part because I’m pretty sure I didn’t have one as a kid. One of the first times I saw those for sale was through eBay with a listing closer to you. Which had me thinking (I don’t know why today I thought this then) Kenner sold it as some European exclusive. <:-)

      If you're interested in buying a Kenner Ghost Trap, you might want to check out classic/vintage toy stores. Otherwise unfortunately eBay might be the place to do that. Naturally you could pay more, depending on the condition you're looking for, you could expect to pay in the £100-200.

      As of November 27, 2914 I see on eBay UK two Kenner Ghost Trap "mint" in box (box is damaged in places) for £210.95 and rounding up £245 before shipping. If you just wanted the toy with the wrong ghost for this toy you could place a bid above £9.99.


  1. Hi, great collection. Boxing looks nearly new! Amazing.
    Would you consider to post also pics of the inside? Would be cool to see what all is inside!
    Keep the spirit up! Great collection. I do collect too.

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    • Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it. 🙂 That Real Ghostbusters Ghost Trap was sealed, in box. It looked like I could have bought it that day from one’s favorite 1980s toy store.

      When I originally bought and posted photos of my RGBs collection, I hadn’t planned on opening them. That’s why their haven’t been as many un-boxings between 2011 to the present.

      I found out when I decided to open some of them, they weren’t as mint sometimes, (gotta “love” eBay) as advertised. I sold part of my RGBs collection in part because of that and the opportunity presented itself at that time. I kept what I wanted and still have those.

      If I open them I probably would take photos to share. Thank you for asking. I’m glad to talk to another ghosthead and collector.


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