Ectocontainment Recognition: Kenner Collector


One of the goals of scanning and uploading the Kenner instructions I own was to share them not only with ghostheads, but with Kenner/collector fans too. As I wrote about on July 6, 2012 (Can You Tell Me How To Get To Kenner St.?) Dan Flarida and John Wooten run the largest (and maybe only) comprehensive site about Kenner and for Kenner collecting. One of the features of Kenner Collector are Kenner’s instructions for their various toy lines. Missing from the line up are The Real Ghostbusters instructions. Being that I mostly could, I wanted to help fill in that section.

I wrote both Dan and John about the instructions. As they aren’t PDFs they could use them how they like or let other Kenner fans know about what i’ve been doing here and what I’m still looking for. Coincidentally a year to the day that I shared and wrote about Kenner Collector Dan wrote a blog entry ( Looking For Kenner Instructions) about the site, myself, and the instructions.

It’s appreciated. As I told them when I have new related Kenner The Real Ghostbusters content I’d be happy to share that with them and the Kenner community as well.

Photo Credit: Kenner Collector


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