Kenner Instructions: Highway Haunter Sorta


From first glance Kenner’s Highway Haunter appears to be The Real Ghostbusters casual ride. When Peter signed the loaned papers, he knew it could double as a second company car. Which is why their yellow VW Beetle’s been modified to hold two proton packs securely in the back. It voids the warranty, The Real Ghostbusters work on their vehicles themselves anyway.

As far as I know Highway Haunter didn’t come with an instruction manual. If I was a Kenner executive I would have wanted to stay consistent. Highway Haunter isn’t a complicated toy to learn how to use. Kenner may have been giving children their due credit, Plus the “directions” on how to use and have fun with Highway Haunter is all over the packaging.

if instructions do exist, you have a copy, and would be willing to scan them, please leave a comment.

I’ve included a closer, high res image of the back of the box and the Kenner “we really do care” insert on Highway Haunter’s Instruction page. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


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