Kenner Instructions: Ecto-Bomber

Ecto-Bomber appeared only once with quite a story during the 6 season episode, The Slob. The name wasn’t mentioned in the episode. Kenner created it for the toy and most of its features made it to the cartoon version.

In The Real Ghostbusters their aircraft have two seats, makes total sense. With the toy version of Ecto-2, as previously talked about it could only seat one figure. Keeping it to scale with Ecto-1 was probably one of two reasons it wasn’t 100% accurate to its cartoon counterpart.

My Ecto-Bomber was originally sold in Canada. Instructions are multi-lingual, English and French.

I’ve taken the original 4 page Ecto-Bomber Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 3 PNG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


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