The Real Ghostbusters Comics


About 4 years ago when I was putting together the old sub site I knew I wanted to add The Real Ghostbusters comic books. For personal reasons it had to be put on hold indefinitely or 2012. Before I started writing about Kenner toys I knew I was getting a little closer to when I could start adding comics to Ectocontainment.™

After Paul from Spook Central and Matthew from GB Wiki began launching the Ghostbusters PDF eBook Preservation Project which is to include Ghostbusters comics I chimed in about contributing to the digital preservation of Ghostbusters comics, beginning with The Real Ghostbusters issues from NOW Comics. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) Just as I had with The Real Ghostbusters Magazines. (Ghostbusters Firehouse) At the time I didn’t know when I could start this as I was getting ready to write about the history of Ghostbusters toys.

This week I scanned Issue 1 (Ghostbusters Firehouse) cover-to-cover and restored it as kids and teens probably would have seen it at comic book shops and finer retailers in August 1988. Their could be slight imperfections mainly with advertising which contains a dark background. With comic book pages some imperfections were left intentionally as that’s how it was originally printed. It gives the comics a bit of a nostalgic charm.


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