November 1991 Tobin and the Maze of Time Part II The Ghostbusters are trapped in dreamspace, and they must find their way in order to help Tobin. However, things get hairy when the boys are separated and confronted with creatures straight out of mythology! Full Haunted House The boys are playing a mean game of poker and Peter’s cleaning house. The others go to bed, but Peter’s still raring to play. That’s… Read More

From NOW™ – November 1991 Story: Shannon McCutcheon & Barry Petersen (first story), John Carnell (Second story) Pencils: Neil Grahame (first story), Brian Williamson (second story) Inks: Jim Brozman (first story), Cam Smith (second story) Colors: Suzanne Dechnik, Kelly Kinsey and Holly Sanfelippo (first story), Stuart Place (second story) Letters: Caren Skibell (first story), Hel (second story) Editor: Katherine Llewellyn and Barry Petersen (first story) Editor-in-Chief: Tony Caputo Cover: Andy Lanning & Dave… Read More

When NOW was working on The Father-Thing trilogy they were also working on a second The Real Ghostbusters comic, Slimer! Which is based off when The Real Ghostbusters series became Slimer & The Real Ghostbusters. Like the cartoon spin off Slimer! is about Slimer having an adventure with people, pets, and ghosts. And like its cartoon counterpart Slimer! establishes that Slimer has an (un)life of his own away from The Real Ghostbusters… Read More

About 4 years ago when I was putting together the old sub site I knew I wanted to add The Real Ghostbusters comic books. For personal reasons it had to be put on hold indefinitely or 2012. Before I started writing about Kenner toys I knew I was getting a little closer to when I could start adding comics to Ectocontainment.™ After Paul from Spook Central and Matthew from GB Wiki began… Read More