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Ghostbusters Select Packaging

Diamond Select Toys posted photos of their upcoming Ghostbusters Selects. In their packaging!

DST Ghostbusters Available At Toys ‘R Us

Yesterday, the first photo (that I saw) of actual Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters figures was shared by David aka tmnt_hunter209 through his iconosquare account. These three figures (part of Series 1) are beginning to arrive at Toys ‘R Us (US). They retail for $12.99 USD each.… Continue Reading “DST Ghostbusters Available At Toys ‘R Us”

Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 1 Official Announcement

I’ve been talking about Diamond Select Toys upcoming 7″ Ghostbusters figures since (GB Inc) New York Toy Fair. With additional information added to Ghostbusters Firehouse. DST officially made the announcement on April 21 about Series 1 and beyond. We most likely knew Ray and Winston… Continue Reading “Diamond Select Ghostbusters Series 1 Official Announcement”

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