Ghostbusters Cereal Coupons

On December 14, 2020 Robert Maxwell Barbieri aka Bobby Eighties (Facebook) posted “vintage Ghostbusters scrapbook material.” Once I saw Bobby’s photos I had to ask about sharing his Ghostbusters Cereal (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 8, 2014) coupons. After taking close up photos, editing, a new month, year, and a few cosmetic changes (so far) to Ecto-Containment, I’m happy to co-present 37 year old Ghostbusters cereal coupons in color!

Earlier in the twenty teens I had only seen black and white versions. They originally came from newspapers during the 1980s. Most likely shared by Matthew Jordan of Ghostbusters Wiki. I’ve been wanting to see and share these coupons as I believe I remembered from childhood.

Bobby’s coupons go beyond cereal. Premiums, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 20, 2014) Sweepstakes, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 25, 2014) Stay-Puft apparel, and Toys ‘R Us.

Ads and coupons are mostly in chronological order from dates listed.

Early proof Kraft should have licensed the Stay-Puft brand.


Ghostbusters Collectibles For Sale


Photo originally from Kenner, I don’t own any display signs.

Before I have to move I’d like to try to sell Ghostbusters collectibles, (with some other 1980s properties) from my collection. I’d prefer at this time if possible not to have to ship items. Particularly large items. That might depend on price, the item, and my personal time in getting ready to move. That’s why I haven’t tried to sell on eBay up to now.

I’ve made a list as a PDF file and uploaded it to Google Drive folder.* I’ll also add the items in this post and when possible update the file Prices sometimes were gauged from what was recently listed on eBay. If their isn’t a price, please make a serious offer. Prices are listed in USD.

*Link removed to fill orders.

Toys, figures, and collectibles were bought from December 2010 throughout 2011. Toys are in box or on card with most, if not all its packaging and any accessories. Some exceptions may apply. Their may be wear in boxes or to cards, particularly from the 1980s. From 2010 to July 2017 toys, figures, and collectibles come from a smoke free home.

What am I selling? Mostly Ghostbusters and He-Man. Classic Collection Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A couple of items from Back To The Future.

Blog Post Photo: Originally from Kenner

The Real Ghostbusters & TMNT Battle

By now ghostheads (well most of us) have been reading IDW’s Ghostbusters/TMNT cross over mini series (GB Inc.) What if their was crossover artwork featuring both animated franchises? What could that look like? I never thought of that, fortunately for fans of both animated series Aaron Hazouri and Kirsty Swan did. Continue reading

The Real Ghostbusters 3D Teaser Intro


Zim animation, (YouTube) are a talented group (as in more then one) of artists and animators who take ’80s and ’90s cartoon introductions and recreate them in 3D. You may remember over the summer when Zim animation released their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D intro. You don’t? Well that’s in part because I don’t run a would be turtle site called The Lair. If The Real Ghostbusters never existed, I might. Continue reading

Custom Figures: Ghostbustin Mutagen Ooze


I knew once Playmates released its Mutagen Ooze figure line it’d only be a matter of time before creative ghostheads would transforms Ghostbusters inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into ectoplasm fighting machines! A Raph Mutagen Ooze figure was customized by ghosthead Slaysghosts.


Ghosthead Derrico13 took a Mutagen Ooze Leo (pictured at top obviously) and modeled it more on Ghostbusters then The Real Ghostbusters, replacing Leonardo’s swords for a certified (it was right?) proton pack. Derrico even customized a Mouser to look like a ghost. Good or bad it reminds me of Slimer.

More pictures can be seen in Derrico13’s auction.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turt…Busters?


It isn’t a secret that the ooze (you had to go their Rich) changed 4 pet turtles and their rat master into “lean, green fighting machines.” Their exact origins vary depending if you’re going by the original comic, cartoon, or 1990 movie that didn’t have a popular ninja rap. Not surprising as a child of the ‘80s I think of the cartoon first. Then their first words, “pizza.” Ahh.

Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be forever linked by the period they were around, how both shaped impressionable minds, which franchise’s toy lines would ultimately spend more of our parents hard earned money, the debate that TMNT was a factor in RGBs ending, and now a current toy line that sorta emulates our beloved ghostbusting heros.

Playmates who have the rights to TMNT toys have been making them since I was about 9 years old. Is this important to this entry? Sometimes their turtle variants were strange and out there. Same could be said of Kenner’s RGB figure lines. What we didn’t know then was that more figures made respective toy companies a lot of money. Hit cartoon series and marketing with the best toy commercials made us want a lot of the “out there” figures.

I doubt Playmates would have dared to make “heroes on a half shell” figures that looked like they were ready to team up with The Real Ghostbusters. TMNT has been enjoying a renascence (smooth) in the twenty teens. With a serious lack of Ghostbusters figures at this time Playmates released their Mutagen Ooze figure line. Why didn’t they just call it Mutagen Ooze blower?

Two out of the four figures wear flight suit type outfits and all 4 mutant turtles have “back packs” that can be filled with ooze. Need more proof someone at Playmates was thinking of Ghostbusters? A prototype Leonardo even included a name tag.